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False Eyelash Shapes

Lash extensions are made from synthetic material. They are available in various thicknesses, lengths and curvatures to suit different clients’ requirements.


  • J Curl lashes are our most popular style of lash and is used in most treatments and supplied in all our Lash Perfect kits. 

  • C Curl lashes are a more curved lash that gives a gentle “lift” to the lash line.

  • Y Lashes have two lashes joined at base and split into two - twice the effect in half the time.

  • B Curl lashes are straight at the base with a curl at the end, to give a gentle flick at the end of the lashes.

  • D Curl lashes have an extreme curl and can be used on curly lashes or to give a very dramatic curl.  

Lengths: 6mm to 15mm
Thicknesses: Fine, Thick, Extra Thick and Super Thick
Colours: Black, Green, Violet, Blue, Wine, Brown        

Suggested lash selection for the lash extension technician according to the client’s eye shape:

  • Round Eye these eyes need to have a medium length lash on the mid section graduating to longer on the outer and shorter on the inner eye. 

  • Almond Shape Eye in general this eye shape can take the same length throughout, dropping down to slightly shorter at the inner corner.  The choice to put slightly longer on the outer eye is optional. 

  • Deep Set Eyes this eye shape allows you to use a slightly longer lash than you would normally use. This is because the eyes are set deeper and so the extra length is needed to make the lashes more noticeable.


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